$6,227,368 – 48 year old man on motorcycle run over by pick up truck.

Verdict. The 48-year-old man was riding his motorcycle when run over by a pickup truck and dragged.  He sustained a traumatic amputation of his left leg below the knee on the scene, which required revision to an above the knee amputation later at the hospital. He also sustained multiple fractures to his left (dominant) arm, multiple fractured ribs, a fracture at C5, and developed compartment syndrome requiring fasciotomies on both upper extremities. He developed radial nerve palsy in his left arm and vocal cord damage which continue to make it difficult for him to speak. He spent nearly one month in the hospital and another month in a rehabilitation facility. He underwent nearly twenty surgeries and will need more in the future. He has permanent pain in both arms, his left leg and neck. A loss of consortium claim was asserted on his wife’s behalf.