$866,666.65 – Pregnant woman thrown 20 feet.

Settlement. The Plaintiff was eastbound on US Route 20 approaching the intersection with Rock City Road. Her 7-year-old daughter was restrained in a child safety seat in the backseat. Plaintiff was 36 weeks pregnant with her son. The at-fault driver entered the intersection in the Plaintiff’s path, colliding with her vehicle. The Plaintiff’s vehicle spun around and became disabled in the intersection, across eastbound lanes of traffic. The Plaintiff exited her vehicle to attempt to get her daughter from the car and get out of the roadway. Another driver who was at a distance behind the Plaintiff hit the Plaintiff’s vehicle at 55 mph. This second collision caused the Plaintiff to be thrown onto the northbound shoulder and the daughter was still in the vehicle at the time of the second crash. The collision caused a premature delivery by cesarean section at 36 weeks gestation. The new born had a 10-day stay in the neonatal intensive care unit and experienced apnea, intolerance to oral feeding, difficulty sucking from a bottle, sinus bradycardia and jaundice. The daughter made a good physical recovery after many months of inpatient care and outpatient therapy; she continues to have cognitive difficulties. State Farm Insurance.