$800,000 – 15 year old female sustains severe elbow injury when boat hits an unlit buoy.

Settlement. While boating, the father of the minor plaintiff allowed her to dangle her arms and hands outside the railing of the boat, in violation of Coast Guard rules.  He drove into a buoy in the dark. Her elbow was smashed into the buoy. Her parents did not take  her to the emergency room until nearly two hours later even though she was bleeding profusely enough to soak her clothing. She suffered an open left humerus fracture. When this incident happened, the plaintiff was a 15-year-old girl with some learning disabilities. This injury caused her severe problems with her education. She spent many weeks in the hospital and underwent at least six surgeries and yet still lacks elbow function. Currently, she experiences reduced range of motion in her arm, with which, as the doctors noted, she will continue to have problems for the rest of her life. American Family Insurance