scared-insurance-adjusterWe’ve all seen the commercials on Television; the hyper aggressive injury lawyer’s ad that shows the “insurance adjusters” sitting around a table talking to an injury victim. When they find out the victim has been hired by “that lawyer,” the “adjusters” get visibly scared and want to settle right away.  You know the one I mean.
A variation of that commercial runs in most media markets throughout the United States, with one of several over the hill actors or TV Judges saying you need to let the insurance company know you mean business by hiring that particular law firm.  Any lawyer can hire the marketing company that makes those commercials, and the actors sit around making bunches of the ads at a time.  The actor will sit there, stare sternly into the camera, and say the name of the law firm that hires him, and spout off their phone number, as if that law firm is the only one that hired him to be their “spokesman”.
Does anyone seriously think a multi-billion dollar car insurance company is going to be afraid of or intimidated by any law firm?  Insurance companies have armies of very high priced lawyers throughout the country who do nothing but defend insurance companies against car accidents and injury claims.  They have unlimited reserves of money and can outspend an injured person’s law firm many times over if they want.  They have years of experience and have tried dozens and dozens of cases just like yours.  After all, how many ways can car accidents happen?
But they’re not stupid. Insurance companies have done the research, and they know which law firms actually file lawsuits, actually try cases and get good results, and which firms settle everything for whatever they can get.  Trying cases and getting good results is how you earn the respect of insurance companies, and they pay attention to that.
At MacCloskey Kesler & Associates, we have done the hard work over many years to earn the respect of insurance companies.  They know we won’t file lawsuits we don’t intend to try, and that we’re not afraid to bring a case to trial.  They know we’ve gotten good results from juries in the area and will present a forceful case on behalf of our clients.  They know we only bring meritorious cases that we intend to win, with strong facts that support our clients’ right to compensation.
Insurance companies do not get intimidated.  But you can earn their respect.  They know which law firms bring the best cases, and they know which firms get the best results.  We have earned the respect of insurance companies throughout Illinois because we do the hard work and get good results.  So if you’ve been hurt in a car or other vehicular accident, call us today at 815-965-2000, or toll free at 877-965-2100.  Make the insurance company respect you and your case.