Semi Truck riding too close could cause an accident
Accidents involving eighteen wheelers are a serious problem.  These accidents routinely cause catastrophic injuries and deaths.    When those big rigs get moving, they carry thousands of pounds of force and deliver a huge impact even at lower speeds.   If you have been involved in an accident with a semi-tractor trailer, it is important to secure legal representation right away, as soon as you have obtained appropriate initial medical care.
In accidents involving semis, there is evidence that needs to be secured right away, like dash and cab camera video, onboard computer data and log books kept by the driver, etc.   If that information is not secured quickly it can be lost forever.  Experienced lawyers have ways to obtain and secure this information so you will have the benefit of this evidence to help prove your case.
There are three things necessary to prove a case against a semi driver and the driver’s employer.  We need to prove they are legally liable for causing the accident (i.e. that they were negligent), that you have sustained injuries and damages, and that the injuries and damages you sustained were caused by the negligence of the semi driver.
Video of the actual accident is a very powerful tool in not only proving the semi driver was negligent, but in providing evidence that shows how egregious that conduct really was.  Did the driver fall asleep?   Was the driver eating?  Playing with the radio?  Distracted?  Just not paying attention?  Who really had the red light?   How fast was the semi going when it entered the intersection?  Video shows the jury exactly what happened.   If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth an entire book.
Tractor trailers routinely carry 80,000 pounds in cargo in a vehicle that itself may weigh another 35,000 pounds or more.   When traveling at highway speeds, that weight creates an awesome force, which in turn gives great responsibility to that driver to operate it safely.   Force is equal to the mass (weight) of the vehicle multiplied by the amount of acceleration.    With a mass in excess of 100,000 pounds, it is easy to see how huge that force really is at any speed.  Additionally, the length of time needed to stop an eighteen wheeler is 40% greater than an automobile.   It is easy to see why semi drivers must pay strict attention when driving such a huge vehicle, and why injuries and damages are so severe when the proper attention is not exercised.
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