For decades, the team at MacCloskey, Kesler & Associates has worked with clients throughout the northern Illinois area to advocate for their best interests. During that time, we field a lot of questions from our clients. One inquiry we receive is “how much is my case worth”.

It’s no wonder clients are curious how much their case could potentially be worth. Our clients come to us in crisis, often worried about medical bills that are piling up and work paychecks that are not coming in. However, determining a potential value for a case is not an easy – or quick – task.

Beware Easy Answers

We discourage clients from using online tools that promise to calculate how much a settlement could be worth in their case. These calculators are inaccurate, as it takes a combination of record review and experience to estimate a case’s worth.

Further, we also discourage potential clients from using an attorney that promises a certain amount of money during the initial case consultation. Our years of experience have given us the knowledge to know that a quick meeting about your situation will not give anyone the information they need to make an accurate assumption of worth.

Go with Experience

Instead of seeking easy answers online or with an inexperienced attorney, contact our team. We are considered experts in evaluating case worth throughout the area. In fact, well-established firms as far away as the city of Chicago have called us to evaluate case value for their clients. Our team can evaluate case worth more accurately than others because we have tried many cases over the past few decades.

Our experience gives us a unique insight into case evaluation. We take into consideration the case, the medical bills, and recovery, as well as quality of life. Further, we understand each jury is different and can make or break a case.

It is okay to wonder what your case could be worth. However, you have to determine the potential value with an experienced attorney by your side. Call us today to set up your free consultation.