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At MacCloskey Kesler and Associates, we know what it is like to be injured. Our founding attorney, Kimball MacCloskey, endured family tragedy as a child and has made his life’s work focused on guiding injured people through their complicated legal journeys.

We know what it is like to be injured. We also know what it is like to fight for those who have been injured, and win.

A History Rooted in Determination

When a gas explosion at his home changed Kimball MacCloskey’s life forever, he was forced to overcome several challenges. His mother passed away from injuries sustained in the explosion and both Kimball and his father were left with severe burns. Kimball’s father was so injured that he could not return to work, leaving him to find an attorney who would advocate for him to receive compensation that could allow him to raise Kimball.

From that tragic story comes a deep sense of compassion and empathy. Kimball has dedicated his life to helping people just like himself and his father – people who have been injured and are feeling overwhelmed, tired, and worried.

A Reputation of Success

Since Kimball has been in the shoes of our clients, he knows how much is on the line. Our firm has grown to include only the best personal injury attorneys in Northern Illinois. Our team focuses on our clients and we are not afraid to go to trial to get you the compensation you deserve.

Our reputation among judges, clients, and other attorneys in the Northern Illinois area is unprecedented. We are a firm that gives exceptional client service, providing personal attention throughout the entire legal process. In fact, it is common for our clients to return after their case is settled, simply to check in and say hello.

If you have been injured, you have plenty to worry about. Don’t let your attorney give you more stress. Instead, work with the team at MacCloskey Kesler and Associates. We care enough about you to fight fiercely on your behalf, giving you the time and money you need to recover.

Give us a call today for your free consultation. We would love to hear more about your situation and develop a plan together.


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