Car, Truck & Motorcycle AccidentWhen you are injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident and want the advantage you can gain by hiring a lawyer, the question becomes “who should I hire?”
Your first step should be to hire someone who has experience in the exact type of accident in which you were involved.   This is too important a decision to entrust to someone who does not concentrate their legal practice in personal injury/vehicle accidents, or entrust it to someone who hasn’t handled thousands of those kinds of cases before. But are there considerations beyond just experience?   There are many experienced lawyers out there, after all.
You should hire a lawyer with specific types of experience, and the compassion and knowledge to help you through the process. It is important to hire a lawyer with real experience regarding the location of your accident.   It helps if your lawyer knows the actual streets involved, and is personally familiar with the place the accident occurred.  Are there hills or curves or other features involved that obstruct the intersection?   Such knowledge can be very helpful since there are times when such knowledge will be helpful in determining who actually caused the accident, or whether there are other defendants who should be added to the lawsuit.
A local lawyer will know the insurance adjusters from the various insurance companies, and will have actually handled many cases against the other driver’s insurance company.    Perhaps most important, a local lawyer will know the attorneys that those insurance companies hire, and have tried cases against those attorneys so they know what to expect.   An experienced local lawyer will know and have tried cases in front of the Judges who would hear your case in the event it goes to trial.
Many times, witnesses to car, truck or motorcycle accidents will be more receptive to talking to local lawyers.   Sometimes, they even know the witness, or have represented the witness or a family member in a case before.  In our experience, police officers are also more likely to discuss a particular case with a local attorney.  Some of our attorneys have relatives who are members of one of the local Police or Sheriff’s Departments, which makes it much easier to discuss a particular accident with an officer.
Rockford and the surrounding towns is really a relatively small community.   As lawyers representing people injured in accidents, we deal with many of the same treating physicians in multiple cases.   Injury victims commonly require care from Orthopedic Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons or Neurosurgeons.  We have had cases involving virtually every doctor and medical group in the area who treats injuries, so in many cases we know these doctors well, and have talked to them many times before regarding other injured people.   We know each other, so we know have a good idea what kind of testimony we are likely to get from a particular doctor, and he or she knows they can trust us to ask the right questions and seek all the appropriate information about the injuries.  We can also help our clients decide which specific doctor would be best for them and their particular injury.  This has proven invaluable over the years.
The lawyers at MacCloskeyKesler & Associates live in the Rockford area, and know this area intimately.  Some have lived here for generations.  They’ve raised their children in the area and send or have sent their children Rockford area schools.   Kim has lived in the area since 1954, and Phil is a member of the School Board in Byron.  Mary Wood and Zac Cook were born and raised in Rockford.  In short, their roots run deep in Rockford.  They know this city inside and out.
More importantly, they have handled and tried cases against virtually every defense firm in the Rockford area, and tried cases in front of every Judge in Rockford (Winnebago County) and most of the surrounding counties.   They have even prosecuted and tried cases in Cook County, and have a reputation for tenaciousness, hard work and attention to detail that is second to none.  Some of the biggest verdicts in the area have been awarded to MacCloskeyKesler & Associates.
So if you’ve been injured in any manner of car, truck or motorcycle accident, rest assured that the lawyers at MacCloskeyKesler & Associates have the knowledge, experience and ability to successfully handle your case.  They live in the area, and know the opposing attorneys and Judges very well.  Don’t get persuaded by out of town law firms whose principals have never tried a case in your county.  Work with someone who has been there for thousands of people just like you, many times before, MacCloskeyKesler & Associates.
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