Commercial: Get Back To Life As You Knew It
MacCloskey Kesler & Associates, LLC is ready to help you get back to life as you knew it. Our compassion and dedication will allow you to focus on your physical recovery, while we take care of the rest.


Commercial: Accidents Happen
On October 14, 1954, Kim’s family was the victim of a gas explosion. Kim has dedicated his career to representing injury victims with compassion and personal experience. The story continues at MacCloskey Kesler and Associates, LLP.


Commercial: Our Firm’s Story
Accidents do happen! When it does, call us for a free consultation. We have the experience you’ll want on your side.


Commercial: I Won’t
What’s one thing we won’t do at MacCloskey Kesler & Associates, LLP? Fighting for the rights of injury victims is our passion, which means we won’t represent insurance companies.


Commercial: It’s No Accident
If you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence, it’s no accident! Kim MacCloskey knows what you’re up against from personal experience. Get the help you deserve with his team on your side.


Commercial: Letters Aren’t a Measure of Experience
Have you received letters from law firms offering to represent you? It’s easy for them to know you’ve been in a collision, it’s another to know what to do about it. Put experience on your side with MacCloskey Kesler & Associates, LLP.


Client Experience: Lenetra
“Phil was always there for me, if I had any questions, or if I needed to talk to him about anything, he always called me right back….they were like a family to me.” – Lenetra


Client Experience: Caitlin & Susie
“When we went in and talked to Kim and Phil…it was like someone took a load off our shoulders.” – Susie