Tort Reform

Q: What is Tort Reform?

A: Tort reform is a political movement based on the erroneous premise that frivolous lawsuits are clogging our court system and creating a “lawsuit lottery” mentality in plaintiffs and plaintiffs’ attorneys that is draining billions of dollars from our economy.  It is being pushed by well-funded special-interest groups like giant corporations, insurance companies, medical providers, and pharmaceutical companies so they can avoid paying for the injuries caused by their negligence and their dangerous products.

These forces have been successful at capping awards for non-economic damages such as “Pain and Suffering” in many states outside Illinois.  In Illinois, however, caps on damages have been held unconstitutional three times.  That has not stopped those forces from continuing to fight to limit or eliminate the damages they may have to pay, all in the name of corporate profit. In fact, there are bills being pushed in Springfield and Washington all the time to cap damages or grant immunity to one group of manufacturers or another.

At MacCloskeyKesler and Associates, we have consistently been leaders in the fight against these attempts to restrict your right to a trial by jury.  We are proud of our record of fighting for the rights of injury victims, and will continue to fight against them as long as it takes to preserve your Constitutionally-protected right to a trial by jury.

The following links can help you better understand “tort reform” and provide resources to help you understand and to fight back against the forces seeking to destroy your rights.