ATV AccidentATV, UTV, motor cross, quads, dirt bikes, three wheelers, four wheelers, ROV, side by side, Gators and other off road vehicles can provide countless hours of fun.  However, accidents and injuries can occur and often are very serious.  Injuries often occur because of someone else’s negligence.  When this happens it is important to retain experienced legal representation.  Our firm has handled cases involving off road vehicles.  One UTV settlement was over $1,500,000.
Much like other vehicles it is important to make sure that your insurance policy protects you against uninsured and underinsured operators.  Generally a homeowner’s policy will not be enough.  We have addressed this in other blogs.  Most homeowner’s policies will not insure a recreational off road vehicle unless it is driven on the property that is insured.  Once an ATV, UTV, dirt bike or the like leaves the property and enters the street or neighboring property it is no longer covered under the homeowners policy.
Other coverage issues unique to off road vehicles are indemnity and hold harmless agreements.  Private land for riding recreational off road vehicles has become scarce in our area.  This often leads riders to private tracks and parks.  Many of these facilities will have you sign an indemnity agreement when they charge you admission.  This is a contract and may limit your rights.  It is important to read and understand these agreements including any rules they provide.  You don’t want to sign your legal rights away.  Even if you do sign, we may able to help you.  We have successfully handled cases involving these types of agreements.
If you or a loved one has been hurt in an ATV, UTV, dirt bike or other type of off road vehicle accident, call our firm today for a free consultation.