"I believe in protecting the rights of those who are in crisis."
Attorney Zachary A. Cook

Zachary A. Cook

As a third generation attorney in Rockford, I have seen the process of litigation in this community from as far back as I can remember. Both my father and grandfather taught me the concept of advocating for a cause. Naturally, I was drawn to the legal profession, and specifically litigation, because of my background, but also because of my belief in protecting the rights of those who are in crisis. I treat each client’s case attentively. I try to always make myself available to discuss concerns that a client may have and to offer any advice I can. An attorney is often referred to as “counselor”, and I feel that it is important to act in that capacity, as well as legally representing an injured client.

I have practiced Plaintiff’s personal injury law since 2007, when I was sworn in as a new attorney in Illinois. It is my goal every day to represent my clients to the fullest, along with the staff and other attorneys here that have been practicing law for almost twenty five years. In doing that successfully, I hope to continue to uphold the values espoused by this office, and taught to me by my father and grandfather: hard work, zealous advocacy, and compassion.