"Everyone deserves the same level of respect, concern and effort that I would want..."
Attorney Mary I. Wood

Mary I. Wood

My earliest example of an advocate for injury victims was my grandfather – a rural physician who tirelessly and cheerfully treated patients from all walks of life, showing the same level of compassion and attention to a child with a scraped knee as he showed to someone recovering from surgery. I have always tried to apply those standards in my life and in my career as a plaintiff’s personal injury attorney, where I represent people with injuries ranging from soft tissue sprains to brain trauma or even death.

After the physical, emotional, and financial traumas that invariably follow an injury, it is crucial to have zealous representation – someone who will be persistent, detail-oriented, and unwavering in their advocacy. I hope that if I can ease some of the emotional and financial burdens by stepping in and dealing with adverse parties and insurance companies whose goals are to escape liability and avoid paying full and fair compensation, my clients can focus their efforts and attentions where they are most effective – on healing.

Although my abilities are different from my grandfather’s, I have not forgotten his lesson that every person deserves the same level of respect, concern, and effort that I would want if I were injured.