"I know what it’s like to be severely injured and I know what to do about it."

G. Kimball MacCloskey

I know what it’s like to be severely injured. On October 14, 1954, my family was involved in a gas explosion in our home caused by the negligence of the local gas and electric company. My mother was killed and my father and I were severely burned. Since becoming a lawyer I have dedicated my practice to helping others who have been injured by the negligence of others.

That’s why I handle my clients’ cases just like I’d want my own handled, with all the time, expertise, and personal attention to detail each case and each client deserves. I take pride in my personal involvement in my clients’ cases, and that level of personal involvement is the same regardless of the size of the case. I have represented thousands of people for many different types of injuries. I have successfully tried cases in Winnebago, Cook, Boone, Whiteside and McLean Counties in Illinois, and represented injury victims throughout northern and central Illinois.

I take it personally when insurance companies or defense attorneys try to take advantage of my clients. I simply will not tolerate my clients being taken advantage of, just like I wouldn’t let them take unfair advantage of me, or my family.