"I love trying cases almost as much as I love winning them."

D. Phillip Kesler

I have dedicated my law practice to helping injury victims. My grandfather practiced law for over 50 years. Since observing him as a child, I have wanted to be an attorney and help seek justice. When someone is hurt as a result of another’s negligence, the legal system provides certain rights and remedies. It is a privilege to represent my clients, uphold their rights and help them obtain the legal remedies available to them. I chose plaintiff’s personal injury work because I believe in giving regular people a chance to win against large corporations and insurance companies.

Our firm is a team of lawyers and staff members who are dedicated to serving injury victims. Unlike some firms, we all work together to bring our collective experience to get results. I feel strongly that our firm gets results due to our proven track record of trying and winning cases. If the insurance companies know your attorney is not afraid to take the case to trial, they are more likely to settle with you. This is why we settle most of our cases without a trial or even filing a lawsuit.

Since 2004, I have been practicing with this firm. In 2010, I was made a partner. Since first receiving my law license, I have focused my practice in plaintiff’s personal injury law. I am licensed in State and Federal Courts including the United States Supreme Court. I have always been down to earth and relate well to my clients as well as the people of the jury. I have tried and settled cases throughout northern and central Illinois. I enjoy coming to work each day knowing that our firm will help the injured and uphold their rights.