Essure Birth Control Lawsuit Information

Essure Birth Control Lawsuit Information

According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 60% of women of reproductive age use some type of birth control. While most birth control methods are relatively safe for the women who use them, there have been types that have unfortunately caused unwanted side effects or dangers for women.

The Essure device is one such case, where a company ended up seriously injuring the women who turned to the device for their preferred method of birth control.

What was Essure?

Essure was a birth control implant that came into the American market in 2002. It was manufactured by Bayer and used by many women. Problems and concerns began surfacing as early as 2016. While Bayer chose to stop selling the device outside of the United States in 2017, it did not pull the device from America until mid-2018.

What were injuries caused by Essure?

Unfortunately, women who used Essure were at an increased risk for serious health complications and side effects. The general injuries sustained by women who used Essure include pelvic pain, autoimmune diseases, and perforated injuries. Here at MacCloskey Kesler & Associates, we are currently working with clients who have had to have hysterectomies due to injuries and complications caused by Essure.

What happens now?

The Essure birth control device had serious problems and the implant was not pulled in enough time to reduce the risk for the women who used it. There is currently a major lawsuit to hold Bayer accountable for medical costs and compensation for women injured by Essure.

If you used the Essure device and have experienced complications, now is the time to contact the team at MacCloskey Kesler & Associates. We are working hard for our clients who were injured due to Essure and can provide you with the individualized attention that a nationwide firm can simply not provide.

Give us a call to tell us more about your situation, or to inquire if you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries or conditions caused by Essure. We promise to work hard for you and to get you a positive outcome.

Boating Safety

Boating Safety

The temperatures are rising and the days are getting longer. Summer has finally started to arrive here in the northern Illinois area! This season is a great time to get outside and enjoy time with loved ones. For many of us, summer temperatures give us more time to be out on the water. Before you log any more time on your boat this year, be sure you are brushing up on good practices that will keep you, and everyone on the water with you, safe.

Skip the Alcohol

Just like driving a car, choosing to operate a boat while under the influence of alcohol is an unsafe and irresponsible decision. The Coast Guard reports that alcohol is responsible for at least 16% boating fatalities and for half of all boating accidents. Boating Under the Influence (BUI) is a serious offense and applies to all vessels, including kayaks or canoes.

Why the big deal about drinking and boating when many people seem to think the two go hand in hand? Alcohol affects judgment, response time, and other abilities that are crucial to safely operating a boat. Skip the cocktail and choose to boat safely.

Brush Up on Rules of the Water

When you hit the river or lake, you aren’t the only one. Boaters share the water with swimmers, kayakers, and other vessels. It is important to brush up on general rules of the water to be sure you are not inadvertently putting yourself, or others, in danger. We like the BoatUS Foundation’s resources and encourage you to take a look as well.

Beware of Towing

Part of the fun of having a boat is the opportunity to tow a water skier or tuber. However, towing can be extremely dangerous if your driver is not experienced, or if your driver participates in risky behaviors. At MacCloskey, Kesler & Associates, we have taken on tragic cases that involved unsafe towing and unfortunately know the very real consequences of towing more than one tube at a time.

Spending time on your boat, or on friend’s boat, is a hallmark summer experience. However, choose to enjoy the time together safely, and without alcohol.

If you do become involved with a boating accident that results in injury, don’t delay in contacting our team. We have years of experience working with victims of boating accidents and are ready to help you during this difficult time.

Stay safe out there.

The Problem with Gaps in Treatment

The Problem with Gaps in Treatment

When you are injured in a car accident or other unexpected way, it can be difficult to adjust to all the new appointments in your calendar. From follow up physician appointments to x-rays, MRIs to outpatient therapy sessions, your unexpected injury has suddenly taken over a majority of your life. Unfortunately, some people who were unexpectedly injured begin to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and downright tired of the appointments and sessions that they simply stop going. This “gap in treatment” or full cessation of treatment can not only harm the person’s body but can also negatively affect insurance payment or other compensation.

Why Gaps in Treatment Happen

When someone is hurt in a car accident, they may feel fine initially. Thanks to our body’s response system, endorphins and other chemicals released by the brain when we are hurt or injured can mask pain. There can also be a sense of pride, with people feeling embarrassed to get checked out by emergency responder after a vehicle accident or other unexpected injury. However, once those endorphins go away, pain can quickly arise.

For many people who were injured in a vehicle crash, pain can arrive three to seven days after the injury and continue for weeks, months, or years. Unfortunately, the longer the person goes without seeking medical treatment, the harder it can be to prove the accident was the cause of the injury or condition.

Gaps in treatment can also happen when a patient gets tired of all the follow-up appointments, especially if they feel no relief. In these cases, the patient ends up suffering from chronic pain due to unresolved complications or an incorrect diagnosis. Similarly to someone who doesn’t seek medical treatment immediately, it becomes more difficult to hold the insurance company accountable for injuries when there are lapses in treatment.

What You Should Do

If you are injured in a vehicle accident or other situation, seek medical treatment immediately. Don’t delay. Keep a journal with your symptoms or concerns. Return to your physician as directed and follow discharge instructions. Finally, call the team at MacCloskey Kesler & Associates. We can help you feel less overwhelmed with the process and assure you are getting the compensation you deserve.

Who Pays My Bills While I Am Injured?

Who Pays My Bills While I Am Injured?

For decades, the team at MacCloskey Keser & Associates has been working side-by-side with clients living with injuries caused by other people or entities. We are proud of our work and have the success stories to prove we can advocate for our clients better than any other local or nationwide law firm. However, one of the things are most proud of here is our commitment to building a relationship of trust with every client we serve. We are here to be your lawyer, but we are also here to be your guide through a confusing and emotional time.

When we work with clients, we work to ease their anxieties and calm their fears. For most of our clients, financial concerns are at the top of their list. They are injured and sometimes unable to work, but medical bills and household bills continue to arrive in the mailbox. It is stressful for the person and for their family members. Fortunately, there are some ways you can receive compensation for your bills while your case is being investigated and litigated.

Your Medical Insurance

If you have medical insurance, we will work with you to assure you are receiving compensation through it. Medical insurance works on a reduced payment, but that does not affect the amount you could be rewarded in court. For example, your Blue Cross Blue Shield bill may be for $4,000 but the services could actually total $10,000. You are entitled to the $10,000 dollar amount and not the reduced fee.

Your Medical Payment Provision

Most people carry auto insurance that has a Medical Payment Provision. While the auto accident that injured you may not be your fault, this payment method will help to pay deductibles and tie you over while your claim is being investigated.

Let Us Help

We have other ways to help you stay above water while you are waiting for your insurance compensation. It is important that you enlist our assistance as soon as possible, as insurance companies are more likely to give you a reduced claim amount if you are not working with an attorney. One thing is certain: when you work with us, you are more likely to receive more money in compensation for your accident or incident.

Call us today to tell us more about your situation and your concerns. We are here to help and ready to serve you.